Germ granules are protein-RNA rich condensates that appear required for the germ cell fate. Here, @tatkatrcek & team discuss how their structure forms and how it might be relevant for the biology of germ cells

New #condensates review from @tatkatrcek & team on the structural and functional organisation of germ plasm condensates. Read on for a detailed description of granule structure in multiple species and more!

Great talk by @tatkatrcek in #CellBio2022 Subgroup: Subcellular Localization of RNA and Translation this morning! Look out for her new review coming soon in #BiochemJ on structural & functional organization of germ plasm condensates đź‘€

Are you interested in #RNA, #Translation, #SpatialRegulation & #Imaging? Join us at the #CellBio2022 subgroup session “Subcellular Localization of RNA and Translation” at 8:15AM on December 7. We have a line of fantastic speakers!

Excited to share our preprint about "Bursting Translation on Single mRNAs in Live Cells" by Nathan Livingston @nliving93 and Jiwoong Kwon, in collaboration with @JianLiu_Lab, @GreenLabJHMI and @taekjip

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