Reviews and perspectives

“In this perspective we discuss how the periphery of germ granules in zebrafish controls translation of mRNAs enriched in these condensates.”


“Peripheral but critical: Translation of germ granule mRNAs in zebrafish”


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“In this review we discuss how germ granules that form in Drosophila and C. elegans attain their structure and how this structure could regulate the function of these condensates”

“Structural and Functional Organization of Germ Plasm Condensates”

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“In this Journal club, we highlight one of the first descriptions of RNA phase separation and the mechanism behind this phenomenon.”


“The curious behaviour of poly(A) RNA”


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“In this review we discuss different RNA granules and how they regulate the biology of mRNAs.”

“RNA Granules: A View from the RNA Perspective”

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“A review detailing the discovery, assembly, composition and function of germ granules in Drosophila.

“Germ granules in Drosophila.”

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“A perspective on a paper written by Jarrett, S. et al., (2017), eLife, describing how mRNA nucleates the formation of phase separated germ granules in C. elegans.”

All about the RNA after all.”

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“A review detailing how transcription in the nucleus and cytoplasmic mRNA decay are co-regulated processes.”

“The Fate of the Messenger is Pre-Determined: A New Model for Regulation of Gene Expression.”

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“A perspective on a paper written by Shen, Z. et al., (2010), Genes and Development, describing how post-transcriptional regulation occurring in the cytoplasm can become specified co-transcriptionally in the nucleus.”

“The cytoplasmic fate of an mRNA is determined cotranscriptionally: exception or rule.”

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